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Resource Edge was founded in 1999 by recruiters looking to establish an effective way to automate and improve internet resume search and candidate management process. Coming from the transaction-based and high volume staffing industry, Resource Edge executives experienced the challenge of a cumbersome and ineffective manual searching for process, which laid the groundwork for the technology that removes the redundancy of online search and the automation of critical business functions that can cause costly delays in recruitment. The Resource Edge team continues to maintain a staff of diverse professionals with experience in the recruitment and staffing industry. The Executive Leadership team includes staffing and technology expertise of over 20 years.

Software Development:
Resource Edge engineers have over a decade of  professional experience designing intuitive technical solutions that impact Internet search, marketing communication, business process automation, scheduling and reporting for their clients. Senior staff has direct interaction with engineers from the world’s leading search engines, career websites and professional sites along with executive leadership across industries. These relationships help our developers sustain intimate knowledge of the clients and issues facing them as they conduct business. That direct interaction and strong working relationship ensures Resource Edge reinforces a commitment to client satisfaction.

Resource Edge support provides software assistance to clients including troubleshooting all issues related to the product suites currently offered.  Support staff is also charged with identifying potential software issues that may be a result of user hardware, or network issues. Support makes every effort to follow up with clients within 24 hours of all help requests, and will keep users abreast of temporary and permanent solutions to application issues.

To learn more about commonly reported issues for your software product, please visit your product website: InsuraSeek or TalentHook

The Resource Edge marketing and sales team is a tightly knit assortment of professionals with work experience in IT, Staffing, product & recruitment client management, and software development. Together, this team works to keep clients up-to-date on effective use of Resource Edge products, tips for optimizing the sourcing business process, and more.

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