To learn more about this exciting product, visit the InsuraSeek website.

InsuraSeek is a tiered product suite exclusively for the Insurance & Financial Services industry that offers seamless, painless pipeline management for appointment schedulers, assistants, recruiters, sales associates and managers so they can quickly manage and organize the most critical insurance business processes.

Mine Resume Sites: Search over 2000 resumes sites within minutes.

Automatically Search: Boolean search string designed exclusively for the insurance industry that generates hundreds of leads in minutes, daily.

Search by Zip Code Radius: Eliminate searching outside of your geographic area. Run thousands of automated search strings with in a “1 mile” radius around all zip codes you are responsible for.

Have Candidates Call YOU: Automate your process so that candidates contact YOU to schedule an interview, without a single recruiting phone call.

Manage Your Entire Hiring Process: From the first call to interview, to licensing, through to hiring, eliminate people from falling through the cracks.

Automate Your Candidate Marketing: Candidates get automatically emailed job descriptions introducing your business/job opportunity with no time or effort on your part.

Seamlessly Schedule Events: Schedule interviews and manage contacts through your entire office/organization.

Run QuickTime Productivity Reports: Pull activity reports for your hiring pipeline process, projecting today and future earnings.

Generate Email Reminders for Candidates, Managers and Yourself: Schedule automated email reminders to be sent out 24 hours before candidate interview to all candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.

To learn more about this exciting product, visit the InsuraSeek website.

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