Quick Post Job Posting Package - July 2018

Post jobs and launch a candidate marketing campaign that invites top prospects to apply.

Our new “Quick Post” Job Bundle allows you to combine your job posting, job email promotion, and resume retrieval all in one powerful step. With this package, you can post your job to select free and premium job sites and we will automatically send up to 1000 invitations to apply to your job online and download up to 1000 search criteria matched resumes a month into your product. Candidates come directly back to your search results for easy pipeline management.

Give your job postings that extra push to ensure more prospects see your career opportunities and apply for your critical openings. To learn more about pricing and how this new package works, contact us today for details.

Thank you for your business!

The Team at Resource Edge

Avoiding the Spam Folder: Best Practices - January 2018

The auto bulk mail is one of the most powerful features in your application. It is also one that requires some strategic planning and strong construction to yield the best results for your hiring process. From time to time, email providers like Google will adjust the algorithms or “criteria” used to determine whether or not an incoming email is potentially spam. Recently, Google adjusted those algorithms and as a result, companies are finding a slightly larger number of otherwise reputable emails are now erroneously going to the spam folders of their email inboxes. As a result, we strongly recommend that you check your email spam folder to ensure it doesn’t contain replies from your automated bulk email campaigns.

To help you minimize the likelihood of your outgoing emails landing in the spam box during this adjustment period, now would be a great time to review your auto bulk email campaign content to ensure your emails are as free of “red-flags” as possible. Please review the following Bulk Email Best Practices and evaluate your content to make sure your campaign is up to snuff!

Avoid using “Dear” as a Salutation. Dear strikes a very informal tone, one not usually used in email correspondence. As a result, using it as your greeting in an email can raise the odds of your email being marked as spam. We suggest beginning your emails with “Hello” and then the candidate’s first name, using your candidate macros: “Hello John.”

Mention the resume source in the first line of your email communications. Using the resume source macro in your first sentence, quickly confirms the legitimacy of your email and alerts the recipient that you are emailing them as a result of their resume presence on an employment website: “I found your resume online on…”

Mention the geographic location for the job you are hiring for within the first paragraph. In addition to letting the recipient know you found them on an employment website, indicate the geographic area in the first paragraph so it’s clear the opportunity relates to the prospect: “We are currently looking to hire professionals in the Austin, Texas area for a new branch…”

Make sure your email signature includes full contact information. For best results, your email signature should include your name, title, email, phone, company name, office address, city, state and company url. Ensure you use your email signature at the close of every email, for best results.

Watch your spam flags as you build your content. In the auto bulk mail content window, pay careful attention to the warning flags that populate on the right hand side of your content. Eliminating, or editing words that raise a flag will greatly increase the odds of your email avoiding the spam folder. We know that sometimes means getting “creative” in your language, but it’s your best bet for safe delivery.

Remember, as you build your emails, there are helpful guides available to you, just beneath the warning flag section of the content window. Refer to these tips anytime you want a refresher on how to build good content. We will continue to monitor the changes in the algorithms currently be used to filter emails across email clients, and keep you up to date on ensuring your content is as strong and inbox-friendly as possible.

As always, we thank you for your business!

The Team at Resource Edge

Outlook Integration: Beta Testers Wanted - May 2017

Outlook Calendar Syncing is Here!
We are putting the finishing touches on an integration that allows for seamless calendar syncing between Microsoft Outlook and your TalentHook product. Before we roll this feature out to our entire user population, we would like to offer this enhancement to a few users. If you are a Microsoft Outlook user and would like to enable this syncing in your product during this beta period, please send an email to and we will add you to our list of beta users. Beta users will be contacted directly with instructions on how to proceed later this week.

Thank you for your business!

The Team at Resource Edge

Task Feature Update - August 2016

Create and schedule tasks to keep you and your team on top of your critical activities.
The new tasks feature in InsuraSeek gives you an easy way to assign important actions during your busy day and prevent to-do’s from falling through the cracks. Located beneath your calendar, the tasks bar holds all of your tasks displayed in our convenient table format.

Similar to planning events in your calendar, you can color code tasks, link reminder communications, assign to other users in your organization and drop in important notes to be stored in your tracking history for any record you associate the task with. Also, keep on top of your scheduled tasks and filter to show the types of tasks you need to prioritize through the day or week ahead.

Are you ready to get started with the task feature? Contact your product training team today.

The Team at Resource Edge

InsuraSeek CRM Released - January 2016

By now, we hope you have experienced the power and benefit of our product InsuraSeek, the prospect search and lead management tool that provides an immediate boost to your business growth goals while shortening your recruitment cycle. In January 2016, we’ll be expanding our product to full CRM capability.

We will be unveiling powerful new enhancements that propel us from front-end candidate management software to a full CRM platform capable of handling your full cycle sales and business contact management requirements. With InsuraSeek CRM, you will soon have access to:

Job Posting: Post jobs to hundreds of recruiting outlets including premium pay career sites, college networks and more. Build job promotion web pages and utilize job posting tools to promote openings vial social networks or manage hiring events like open houses and career fairs and college hiring events.

Full Administrative Controls: Establish permission rights to edit, customize, lock or view all components of the application including fields, features, and users. Full customization allows you to create fields and build on your system to accommodate business departments including sales, customer management, policies and customer support cases.

Track Client Activity: Manage valuable information about clients including personal details, business, and key relationships and their policy data. Our tracking feature will log all activities including date and time, comments and notes, email content, appointments, and calls.

Create and Track Sales Opportunities: Create organized records of new sales opportunities with the ability to link contacts and companies for a 360-degree view of your sales and marketing activity. Track pipeline activity projected revenues and stay on top of your bottom line with advanced custom reports you can build directly within the product.

Document Storage: Upload documents, attach them to existing cases or contact records in virtually any standard document and image file type.

Advanced Search Capability: Quickly locate contacts, businesses, policies, sales opportunities or cases by a variety of record details including contact name, phone number, city, state or zip, policy number, case number, etc.

Outlook Calendar Integration: Utilize our current calendar and appointment scheduling features and benefit from Outlook and Google calendar synchronization to keep your schedule updated among all your organization tools.

Sales and Commission Tracking: Calculate, record and track revenue related details such as commissions, sales projections, policy payments with a calculating functionality that you can customize for your business needs.

Advanced Dashboard Reporting: Build custom dashboard reports for all activity including recruitment, prospecting, client management and more.

We know one of the benefits of using InsuraSeek continues to be consolidating all of your recruitment activity in one product. Coming next year, we’ll be expanding that convenience to accommodate your business relationship management needs as well. We’ll be reaching out to you soon to see if we can establish a demo date in the future to give you an advanced look. We’ll also be looking for client partners who are interesting in beta testing and providing their insight on the features and capability that matter most to your business success.

We thank you for your business – we’re excited to find even more ways to provide you with tools that help define and expand your success.

The Team at Resource Edge