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The industry’s fastest resume searching tool is now…on the cloud. TalentHook scours the internet for active and passive candidates, using organized search channels including popular social network sources, automated search logic and expert search technology to return ranked, new resumes from a broad range of Internet sources in minutes. Search thousands of resume sources with extended search functionality, manage prospects and your candidate pipeline and get real‐time source reporting with an application that can be customized to mirror your recruitment process.

Simultaneous Multi-Site Search: Enter your search criteria once and search thousands of resume sources including popular pay boards, niche sites, search engines and much more.

Automated Search Agents: Schedule TalentHook to execute your searches after hours and have a fresh list of candidates waiting for you in the morning.

Smart Candidate Recognition:  Avoid costly duplicate resumes and keep a cleaner talent database. Download only new “never before seen” resume data, while TalentHook bypasses resumes you’ve already seen.

Automated Drip Marketing Campaigns: Automate your email campaigns, touch active and passive candidates, use our spam-free clean email technology to stimulate higher candidate response rates.

Organization and Tracking Functionality: Structure your searches to quickly prioritize your searches, candidates and clients with full customization capability to personalize the application based on your process.

Quick Look Up: Quickly find and retrieve candidate information with just a few letters of their name.

Shared Candidate Tracking: Stay informed on candidate status by reviewing recruitment activity within your TalentHook network.

Extended Search Criteria for Major Pay Boards: Use extensive search criteria that correlates with any search criteria offered by your favorite resume search sites.

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